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Interprint Qualifies For G7 IDEAlliance Master Proof-To-Print Status

Interprint Web Printing has successfully completed rigorous training, testing and auditing to achieve the IDEAlliance G7 Master Printer status. Our current proofing devices and printing equipment have been calibrated using the G7 Master Process. Interprint pre-press technicians and press crews underwent training and qualified in accordance to the G7 Master process, achieving optimal color matching of our proofs to the printed product. This also ensures color matching from press to press, as well as, color conformity between our different production facilities.

Interprint is excited to be part of a select group of printing firms who have committed to the G7 Master Printer process for their color management. Customer supplied files become much more interchangeable between other firms including ad agencies, printers and pre-media outlets that also use the G7 Master Process. Many print buyers request that their print service providers become G7 qualified as a print purchase may involve several print processes. If you’re purchasing print services which fall outside of our product offerings, we encourage you to select a G7 Qualified vendor.


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