Calibrated Pre-Press Systems For Accurate Color
Our pre-press services use Fujifilm technology with calibrated proof-to-press color matching systems. Epson ink-jet contract color proofing delivers true color reproduction for approval before the printing process occurs. Both print, and proofing systems are based on the industry standards of SWOP, providing consistent replicated color on press.

PrePress Systems

Whether you are a magazine publisher, advertising agency or corporate in-house buyer, you are putting your company’s reputation on the line every time you print and distribute a brochure, magazine or other printed matter

FTP Transfer Of Files Direct From Our Web Site
Using our web based entry portal for FTP, transferring files is quick & user friendly. Our web based FTP site allows customers to send files using true FTP client soft ware–all from our website. Sending files using our FTP process is fast and simple.
Recommended Files
We accept PDF and native files. It’s common for PDF files, when properly set-up, to process well with less issues to address, compared to native files. You can save to PDF from the program you are working with. Common files we receive include:


Check It

Each manufacturing facility has unique specifications and requirements so it is imperative to adhere to all of our file specifications. Do not assume what is required at other facilities will necessarily work for all of our production needs. Failing to submit files according to these specifications, can result in errors in the finished product.

Submit print files via our ftp site: CLICK HERE TO SEND FILES

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