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From The Ownership Of Interprint: We are delighted to be your chosen supplier for your printing and mailing needs. We take great pride in our products and services and sincerely hope that our business together will help each of our customers accomplish their goals.Thank you for your ongoing support and patronage.

We’d love to hear from you again. If you plan to use our products or services in the future and would like to leave more feedback, please contact us at anytime.

“Thank you for your business, your trust, and your confidence.
It is our pleasure to work with you”.
The Morten Family

Interprint Web Printing

Subject: Magazine Carton Packing

From: Bruce
To: Jo


I just wanted to Thank you and the staff at Interprint! The magazine looks Great! Excellent job and Fedx was on time and unloading went fine! Please pass on my appreciation to everyone involved!
Thanks again,


Subject: Magazine
To: Interprint – Jo Shields

Good morning! We are hearing great comments from customers and readers on the new book.

Subject: Magazines
From: Patty
To: Interprint
Hello Jo,

Our shipment arrived yesterday. Once again, Interprint has done a sensational job in turning our vision into reality: a really stellar print job with quick delivery to boot! Please extend our gratitude and kudos to all on the Interprint team who made this happen. You make the process easy, you correct problems quickly and nothing is ever an issue.  I truly thank you for that.
All the best,


Subject: Freight Tracking
From: Roseanne
To: Marian
Hi Marian,

Just wanted to follow up on my phone call just now! Please tell your entire Interprint Web Printing team that the Official Visitors Guide is awesome!! So much excellent work went into this that we certainly want to personally congratulate all of you.

Subject: Publications received

From: Roy
To: Interprint
Hi Stacy,

The publications are received and just look great! I appreciate being able to count on your consistency and accuracy as we continue to expand. Having your support is a big part of our success.
Thank you so much!

From: Kathy

Subject: Magazines
Our magazines were delivered today; that was very quick service!   They look great.  And I love the way they were packed – inside the boxes there were bundles with a ribbon around bundle, which made it so much easier to get the magazines out of the boxes and get them ready to be handed out.   It saved me a lot of time and scratched knuckles this afternoon!

Thanks for all your continued help with the magazine,

From: Ed

To: Stacy
Hi Stacy,
Everyone is extremely pleased with your production of the books. We’re getting our budget for next years books ready.
Thank you,

From: Duke

To: Danny
Danny – Thank you for the great job you did on rushing this order through! I will reach out to you in a couple of weeks. Tentatively, we are looking at going to press on this issue next month. I will be in touch. Blessings your way… Duke

From: Sandra

Subject: Post office drop
To: Stacy
Stacy I did receive my copies yesterday. The print work is stellar.

From: Teresa

To: Scott
You guys are wonderful!! Thank you so much. I’m always in a rush when I speak with you but we truly appreciate everything you do. We are in a major growing stage. Many more magazines will be coming in the future.

Teresa :-)

From: Ken

To: Interprint – Jo
Thank you Jo. Our 27th straight year of printing the program at Interprint!


From: Lynn

To: Crystal
Hi Crystal – The magazines were delivered today and they are beautiful! Thanks again to you and your Interprint team – I am very happy with every part of my experience and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship. Thanks particularly to you for your knowledge, professionalism and patience when needed.


From: Christopher

To: Interprint
They came out great! Thanks for all of your help!!


(A) Questions On Sending Your Files via FTP.

(01) Can I upload files directly on the Interprint web site?

Answer:- Yes. Users can send files to us by selecting the Upload Files button located at the top of each page throughout the web site.

(B) Common Pre-Press Questions

(01) Do I need a password to upload files?

Answer:- We have 2 methods to upload files:

Method (1) Dropbox – NO LOGIN REQUIRED – Is a quick upload method that does not require a password to upload. However, once files are posted online for your review, your Interprint Sales Representative will email you your Login ID and Password which are required to proof online.

Method (2) XMF – LOGIN REQUIRED – Our XMF Auto Process method requires you to have your Login ID and Password BEFORE you may upload or proof online. The advantage in becoming an XMF user is that you will be able to review your proofs instantly, just after you upload your files. Users can then make corrections online, then move the project towards production, expediting the printing and delivery process.

(02) Once my files have been uploaded will I receive notification?

Answer: – Yes. Once files have been successfully uploaded you will receive an email outlining how to proceed to the next step.

(03) If I have changes at proof will I see another proof?

Answer: – Yes. If you make changes on your proofs, you will see another proof before the project is printed.

(04) Do I need to spend time to review another proof after I submit changes?

Answer: – Yes. It is VERY important to review all proofs during the proofing phase of your projects. Each round of proofing is just as important as the previous. Skipping the opportunity to review a proof can result in the project being printed with a mistake, which can result in your dissatisfaction in the final printed product.

(05) What kind of proofs will I see?

Answer:- At Interprint we have 3 options for proofing. Each project is required to have the customer sign off / give proof approval on some form of proof.

Gerber Proof – Which is folded and trimmed to size.
Epson Inkjet Color Contract Proof.
Online Proof – Review proofs online.

Unless specified otherwise, pricing includes Online Proofs. Another options if desired, you can review hard copy / physical proofs (Gerber & Epson Inkjet Proofs) which can best show bleed, pagination, etc. Online proofs are not as color content accurate.  Your computer monitor displays color in the RGB color model. RGB monitors can display more colors than can be matched in print. Conversely, some CMYK colors cannot be matched on-screen.

(06) Do I need to return the proofs or can I keep them?

Answer: – All proofs must be returned to Interprint before we can print and process your order. The Epson Color Contract Proof is used press side to help coordinate color during the printing process. The Gerber Proof which is folded and trimmed, is used during the bindery phase, to ensure accurate pagination and trimming.

(C) How to place an order

(01) To place an order what's the first step?

Answer:- The first step is to have your project quoted with Interprint. Once we receive your project specifications, a custom estimate will be generated and emailed or faxed directly to you, for your review and approval.

(02) After I submit the quotation what's next?

Answer:- Once you have reviewed and accepted the quotation, please sign the quote and send it back to Interprint for production (via email, fax or USPS mail ). The production process is as follows:

Submit your files files via our FTP site or send us your files on CD or DVD.
You will receive color proofs to review and sign-off for Interprint to proceed.
The project will be printed and bound.
Once production is completed, your project will be shipped according to your needs.

(D) Common Shipping Questions

Details regarding our shipping quotes, ship to address details, along with questions on how the delivery point will handle the freight when it arrives.

(01) Does my quote include shipping?

Answer:- If you supply all of your shipping information during the quoting phase of your projects, the quote will reflect the shipping information and shipping costs. We will outline the shipping services on the quote. Please review all information on the quote carefully, to make sure it matches your needs exactly. Unless specified otherwise, the shipping cost will be broken out separately from the print manufacturing costs.

If you do not know the shipping information and destinations during the quote phase, your quote will read delivery is additional.

(02) What shipping details do I need to supply for my quote?

Answer:- Important information we need to know in order to produce accurate shipping quotes include:

Is there a loading dock for the truck?
Will the product require inside delivery?
Will it be a second floor or above delivery?
Do you require notification before delivery?
Can the delivery be made on Saturday?
Do you need a liftgate on the delivery truck?
Do you need a pallet jack to move skids?
Do you have a pallet jack at the delivery point?
Is there a forklift at the delivery point?
Is this a storage unit?
Is this a convention center?
Hours delivery can be made?
Ship to address including contact name and phone number.



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