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Paper Market 2023

PAPER: Like many factors that affect a lot of the products consumers purchase on a daily basis, paper is also affected by the current economic conditions and supply challenges. As we move forward in 2023, many of the papers that have been harder to source over the last year are now starting to become more readily available. Pricing has remained consistent for the most part, but we are starting to see some of the more common sheet-fed stocks decline slightly in price, depending on the manufacturing source and category of paper.

Supply and demand will play a large role in 2023. If demand for paper remains high, prices will not decline dramatically. Should the economy substantially weaken in 2023, paper prices are likely to decline on a more broad basis.

WE CAN HELP: Our paper buyers source materials from many suppliers. We purchase in large volume, which allows for more orders to be produced quickly as we do not have to wait for the materials to reach ports of entry and distribution centers before arriving locally.

HIGHER INVENTORY: We are currently stocking higher inventory levels of warehoused paper, which is available to produce work now. Contact one of our sales representatives today to discuss your upcoming print and mailing projects planned on one of our in-stock papers. Your Interprint sales representative is always happy to assist and offer cost-cutting suggestions for your next printing creation.

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