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Maple leaf“The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.”


Less Impact On The Environment

With Interprint, you can be confident your printing will have a lesser impact on the environment from start to finish. While ink companies and paper mills have stepped up their efforts to offer green products, the reality is, printing firms do not make the paper or ink we use. Our pledge to you … printing that is made from renewable resources with low environmental impact, SOY based printing inks, Eco-Friendly paper, and our ongoing partnerships with leading environmental organizations to ensure conformance to green practices.

Interprint’s  Sustainability

Go Green Print Better 225pixInterprint Web Printing is committed to exceed compliance with environmental, health and safety (EHS) requirements throughout our company. We pledge to continue to improve interaction with all EHS matters beyond regulatory compliance, carry out source reduction, including pollution prevention, reuse and recycling. Through our sustainability priorities we will educate and demonstrate the value in making environmentally friendly choices at home and in business, and will share all information on sustainability performance with our employees, customers and the community.

Our Green Business Practices
– TEC Certified Green – The first printing facility in the Southeast United States to hold the TEC accreditation.
– Eco-Friendly paper available.
– SOY based Ink used on all presses.
– Recycle – All paper, plastics and aluminum used during the manufacturing process.

We Print With SOY Ink

Soybean ink is naturally low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds, chemical compounds that evaporate and react to sunlight) and its usage can reduce emissions causing air pollution. Soybean oil comes from a renewable source: soybeans. Soybean agriculture uses only 0.5 percent of the total energy needed to produce soy ink. Almost half of all soybeans produced in America needs no irrigation. As soybeans are growing they temporarily remove damaging carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere …

Total Energy Concepts Accreditation

Interprint is honored to be the first printer in the Southeast United States to hold the Total Energy Concepts (TEC) and V-Blox Certified Green accreditation. Total Energy Concepts (TEC) and V-Blox have spent the last few years establishing their Certified Green Program for business who wish to reduce energy consumption, and help save the environment through the use of V-Blox power factor correction and voltage optimization.

The Certified Green Program recognizes companies that have made the substantial investment to lower their carbon footprint by optimizing their electrical system and reduce energy consumption with a custom engineered V-Blox Energy Optimization System. There are many benefits of the TEC and V-Blox Certified Green Program including operational, societal and government recognition. Operational benefits include reduced energy consumption, a lower carbon footprint, reduced maintenance costs & downtime, plus, increased equipment life. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recognizes TEC and V-Blox Certified Green Program as an important component in Green practices to conserve energy, reduce water consumption, protect air quality with reduced waste.

Made In The USA

MadeUSA newMade in USA or Buy American might sound like nothing more than a slogan to sell products made in the USA, but the truth is that there are many reasons to buy American made manufactured goods.

Much of the antiquated equipment from American printing firms end up in manufacturing plants outside our market after it’s retired from production. Often, the overall product quality and/or delivery times from overseas factories is noticeably less compared to products manufactured right here in America. Most consumers never have the opportunity to tour the facilities of printing plants outside the USA before sending print manufacturing out of the country. Consequently, there can be a disappointment once the project arrives. Additionally, many foreign labor standards allow unsafe worker conditions and do not conform to the environmentally sound practices of the USA. Our state-of-the-art production facilities are inspected regularly to ensure on-going compliance, which provides safe and environmentally friendly conditions that benefit workers and customers, while complying to high quality standards such as G7 Master certification.

When we buy American, we support not only American manufacturers but also American workers, safe working conditions, and fair labor laws, while keeping the American economy growing right here at home! We are extremely proud of the cleanliness, quality and safe manufacturing practices established in all of our production facilities, and welcome the opportunity to have you in for a tour. Please contact your Interprint Representative today to schedule tour dates and times.


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