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The value of printIn every shopping segment, print magazines make an impact!

In todays times, advertisers face tough media decisions.  Magazines are often dismissed as an older medium that is not vital in today’s times.  However, third party research, including multiple advertiser-funded studies, proves otherwise.

Additionally, new innovations enable printed magazines to get to market quicker and to customize editorial and advertising content to fit subscriber profiles.The bottom line, magazines are integral to the media mix.

Key indicators of the strength of magazines and why they are a “have to have” medium compared to other media, include:



value of print - direct mailPrint Magazines vs.Primetime TV – The top 25 print magazines reach more adults (+48%) and teens (+193%) than the top 25 regularly scheduled primetime TV programs.

Print Magazines are #1 in reader engagement ( vs. internet & TV ) The average reader spends 40 minutes reading each print issue

59% of readers took action or plan to take action as a result of exposure to specific print magazine ads. Actions include:

* Have a more favorable opinion about the advertiser.

* Consider purchasing the advertised product or service.

* Gather more information about advertised product or service.

* Recommend the product or service.

* Visit the advertiser’s website purchase product or service.

* Clip or save the ad visit or plan to visit the business.

Print magazine readership is more consistent across generations than other media.

Print magazine readers spend more time—and money—online ( vs. TV, Radio & Newspaper ).

Print magazines are #1 in triggering QR code response ( vs. mail, packaging, posters, websites, email tv ).

Magazine advertising increases sales –  Households exposed to the print magazine campaign spent significantly more (+3% to +36%) than those not exposed.

Magazine Brands Continue To Evolve

Consumers still value magazines in their media mix.
Consumers engage with and trust magazine ads more than ads in other media.
Magazines excel at generating consumer action in a variety of ways–from purchase intent to search.

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